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Here at ZEDRO , We Aim to Revolutionize the Automotive industry.


Completed Notorious


Stock G37 Greenhouse

The Notorious has the original Infinti G37 Greenhouse, which means the chassis and all G37/Q60 components remain untouched.

Easy To Register In Any Country

As this is just an exterior body modification of the Infiniti G37/Q60, The Notorious will keep the G37 Title, which makes it the easiest custom car to be registered in any country.

Customize Your NOTORIOUS

Customize your ZEDRO NOTORIOUS to your liking from:

-Exterior Paint Color

-Premium Italian Leather and Stitching,

-Notorious Custom 3 Piece Wheels Color and Finish

-Custom Headlights, and Tailights

Exclusive ZEDRO VORTX Lighting Technology

With our brand new Custom light manufacturing, customers are free to design their own Headlights, as well as Tailights.

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