First you should email us at info@zedromotors.com , telling us if you are interested in the Notorious kit or Pre-built Model with your full name as well as the Country/State you are located in. Once the email is received, our sales team will send you the purchasing agreement, that includes our terms, as well as our wire transfer info. 

The Notorious kit fir on the Infiniti G37 Coupe 2008-2014

Yes the Notorious does retain all 4 seats

The Notorious weighs 4,796 Lbs after our conversion 

The Notorious Kit takes around 3 to 4 weeks for delivery, depending on the Country/State you are located in

The Pre-built Notorious takes around 3 to 4 Months for delivery, depending on the Country/State you are located in, as it is hand built and manufactured on demand

We typically charge $1,200 for shipping on our Notorious Kits

We typically charge $3,100 for shipping on our Pre-Built Notorious

The answer to that question varies depending on the Country, as each Country has its own regulations. However, due to the fact that the Notorious keeps the Infiniti G37 chassis,crash bars,airbags, and door panels stock, keeping all safety features intact, has helped us registering our vehicles in the countries in which they are sold including the US, Lebanon,and the UAE

For our one of one concept, We would need to draw the concept in 3D, with all the full details. Once you are satisfied with the model, we would find a donor car that fits your design (which helps the process of registering the car), after that we would start manufacturing your concept vehicle.
We are currently charging $80,000 for a complete custom build excluding the donor vehicle , and that means going through the whole process of manufacturing every single panel with the design of your choice where we would set up a meeting with our lead designer and bring the ideas you have in mind onto a 3D render,which the would be manufactured into a street legal concept car. In addition we would give you complete ownership of the design which means you would be the sole owner of that model

Unfortunately we do not offer any payment plans, however we usually don’t require the full amount for the Notorious upfront, as we charge a 50% down payment, a %25 when the vehicle is manufactured, assembled and ready for paint, and a final %25 when the vehicle is ready for delivery